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Epoxy Resin Adhesive


At Adhesive Technology Corporation (ATC) we lead the nation in the development, manufacture, and sales of wholesale epoxy resin adhesive. […]

Epoxy Resin Adhesive2021-08-13T16:47:49-04:00

Epoxy Resin Adhesives Manufacturer


Epoxy Resin Products

A flooring project is one that should be taken on with the intention of getting it done right […]

Epoxy Resin Adhesives Manufacturer2021-10-18T15:56:44-04:00

Common Uses of Industrial Epoxy


Common Uses of Industrial Epoxy

One of the most popular reasons to purchase industrial epoxy wholesale is for use […]

Common Uses of Industrial Epoxy2021-09-15T12:53:47-04:00

Commercial Adhesive Manufacturer


If you are in an industry that relies on adhesives to thrive, you need to work with only the best […]

Commercial Adhesive Manufacturer2021-10-15T17:04:31-04:00

Deciding to refinish a floor using epoxy floor paint


Here at Adhesive Technologies Corporation, we offer a few different varieties when you are deciding to change up the look […]

Deciding to refinish a floor using epoxy floor paint2021-02-03T21:45:51-05:00

The Industrial Epoxy Manufacturer to Know


Most people are familiar with epoxy. It is a common adhesive found in nearly every workshop you ever set foot […]

The Industrial Epoxy Manufacturer to Know2021-02-03T21:45:51-05:00

Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer


Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer

There are many situations where regular binding using sewing, welding, screwing or bolting solutions just will not work […]

Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer2021-06-02T18:05:18-04:00
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