We are happy to announce that we have received another awesome DOT Approval!  This makes 30 new DOT Approvals for ATC year-to-date for 2017!!!! Even with the removal of ULTRABOND 4CC, ULTRABOND RT-66SF and ULTRABOND 365 we are at an official total of 187 State/Territory DOT Approvals and well on the road to hit 200 by Q2 of 2018.

Minnesota DOT (MNDOT) has approved our ULTRABOND 2100 under MNDOT Specification:

Concrete: Epoxies (Non-Bridge Applications)

This makes a grand total of 6 MNDOT Approvals

Minnesota  ULTRABOND 365CC
Minnesota  ULTRABOND HS-200
Minnesota  ASF-1000
Minnesota  ULTRABOND 2100
Minnesota  CRACKBOND LR-321
Minnesota  CRACKBOND SLV-302


MNDOT has promised to place ULTRABOND 2100 on their Qualified Products List (QPL) within the next two weeks.  Here is the link where it will be listed:


Minnesota DOT does not give approval letters and ask that we use their official approvals page (above link) as necessary proof of product approval.

This new approval will also be added to the DOT MAP on our website under the DOT Listings tab for Minnesota.

Please email Renee Thomas at rthomas@atcepoxy.com directly if you have any questions regarding this new approval.


Please let your customers know of this awesome new ATC approval for ULTRABOND 2100!!!