Adhesives Technology is happy to announce another DOT approval! Minnesota DOT has approved ULTRABOND 1 under MNDOT 2018 Standard Specifications for Construction – Concrete Anchorage Program: Non-Bridge. MNDOT no longer gives Approval Letters, but they refer us to their Qualified Products Listing (QPL).  ULTRABOND 1 will be added to their QPL on their next update at the following link:

This makes 8 total APPROVALS for MNDOT

Minnesota ULTRABOND 365CC
Minnesota ULTRABOND 1
Minnesota ULTRABOND HS-200
Minnesota ASF-1000
Minnesota ULTRABOND 2100
Minnesota CRACKBOND LR-321
Minnesota CRACKBOND SLV-302


This will also be added to our Website under DOT Listings for Minnesota once they update their QPL.

Please let your customers know of the new ULTRABOND 1 approval!