Adhesives Technology Corporation: Exploring the Different Types of Adhesives

As you would use glue to bind two pieces of paper together, construction contractors use industrial strength adhesives to bind two pieces of material together.

Although adhesives are quite similar to standard glues, they’re much stronger; and even more durable, so much so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you’re looking for adhesives, or an adhesive manufacturer company available, for your big project, Adhesives Technology Corporation can help.

Exploring the Different Types of Adhesives

There is a bewildering amount of different adhesives on the market, both in strong and weak formulas. Some common types of adhesives include:

  • Anaerobic – Typically referred to as a “locking compound,” this type of adhesive cures on contact with metal; because of this, it’s commonly used to secure threaded metal items, such as bolts.
  • Toughened Acrylic – This type of adhesive is very flexible. It cures fast and is quite strong. It also requires minimal preparation. Toughened acrylics come in both single and two part systems; the two part systems require no mixing, because the adhesive is applied to one section while the activator is applied to a second.
  • Epoxy – Epoxy is one of the most common and versatile adhesives offered. It consists of a resin and a hardener, and comes in a variety of formulas for different applications. Although it works quite well, it isn’t as strong as other types of adhesives; it can easily become brittle and break.
  • Polyurethane – Another common adhesive, polyurethane is a chemically reactive adhesive. It’s very strong and can withstand low temperatures. Although it can be used in a variety of situations, it’s typically used to bond fiberglass.
  • Silicone – Although not as strong as other types of adhesives, silicone is another popular choice due to its flexibility. Like other adhesives, it’s available in both single and two part formulas – depending on your needs. Although it can be used in a variety of situations, silicone is most commonly used as a sealant in bathrooms.
  • Hot Melt – A modern type of adhesive, hot melts are commonly used on thermoplastics. It’s commonly used to assemble plastics, but can be used in other situations. Known for its light weight and ease of use, it’s quickly becoming popular.
  • Plastisol – Another good type of adhesive is plastisol. It’s typically dispersed through PVC piping and needs heat to harden. Although heat is required, the resulting bond is very strong and hard to break.

where to find adhesive maufacturersAs you can see, there are a number of different adhesives; and this list doesn’t cover them all. Whether you need a quick fix or a long-term solution, Adhesives Technology Corporation can help.

Why Choose Adhesives Technology Corporation?

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