We are happy to announce that we have received another TXDOT approval!!!

TXDOT has approved our CRACKBOND EPOXY REPAIR PASTE for use on TXDOT projects under TXDOT DMS 6100 Epoxies and Adhesives – Type III Class C- approved through 2018 in bulk and cartridges. See description of Type III Class C:

1.  Description. Type III adhesives are used to anchor dowels and tie bars in concrete and are suitable to bond steel to hardened concrete. There are four classes.
     a. Class C. This formulation is a standard cure cartridge-dispensed material or a bulk material for machine application only. Class C is used for either horizontal or vertical down application of dowel and tie bars. (See NOTE.)

TXDOT does not issue official Approval Letters, but allows us to reference their Material Producer List. I have attached their latest MPL to this email and it may also be found at the following link:


A request will be sent for this new DOT approval to be added to our website.

Please let your customers know of this awesome new ATC TXDOT approval!