We are happy to announce that we have received another DOT Approval!

Michigan DOT (MDOT) has approved our ASF-1000 for use on MDOT projects. We received the attached Approval Letter and it will be listed on their Qualified Products List (QPL) under Concrete Pavement Repair, Grout for Full-Depth Concrete Pavement Repairs (603.03B2) at:


This makes a total of 6 MDOT Approvals…

Michigan  ULTRABOND 1
Michigan  ULTRABOND HS-200
Michigan  ULTRABOND 2
Michigan  ASF-1000
Michigan  CRACKBOND LR-321
Michigan  CRACKBOND SLV-302

14 ASF-1000 across the states

Colorado  ASF-1000
Illinois  ASF-1000
Indiana  ASF-1000
Iowa  ASF-1000
Kentucky  ASF-1000
Maryland  ASF-1000
Michigan  ASF-1000
Minnesota  ASF-1000
Missouri  ASF-1000
Nebraska  ASF-1000
New Jersey  ASF-1000
Pennsylvania  ASF-1000
Utah  ASF-1000
Virginia  ASF-1000


This new MDOT approval will be added to the DOT MAP on our website:


Please email Renee Thomas at rthomas@atcepoxy.com directly if you have any questions regarding this new approval.

Please let your customers know of this awesome new ATC approval for ASF-1000!!!