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The chemists and engineers at Adhesives Technology are among the most talented in the world, developing and manufacturing some of the industry’s most advanced structural adhesives and high-performance concrete construction, sealing, repair and restoration products. Formulations like code compliant and DOT listed ANCHORING & DOWELING adhesives. High quality CONCRETE REPAIR & RESTORATION products. And DENSIFICATION & FINISHING products including Nano-Lithium and Strontium-based technologies.


Structural Anchoring & Doweling

Code Compliant, DOT Listed

ULTRABOND® products offer a comprehensive selection of anchoring and doweling adhesives for cracked and uncracked concrete at varying strengths, application temperature ranges and curing speeds. Tested in the lab. Proven on the job. Chosen by leading engineers and contractors.

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Anchoring & Doweling
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Concrete Repair & Restoration

Structural Crack Injection, NSF 61 Certified

As bonding agents for concrete repairs, coating and sealing interior and exterior slabs, and crack injection applications, CRACKBOND® products help get the job done fast and easy with industry-leading formulations.


Concrete Densification & Sealing

For Commercial & Industrial Flooring

For 20 years, the CONVERGENT name has been synonymous with innovation. It’s technologies have changed the face of the industry- from Nano-Lithium® formulations to industry-leading Reactive Silicon Hybrid Polymers to the all-new silica-free, Strontium- based formulas known as STRiON® . Now available from Adhesives Technology Corporation.

Densifiers & Cures
Finishing & Curing
Sealers & Guards
Colorfast & Paint
Cleaners & Specialty


Property Maintenance

Multi-Purpose Concrete & Wood Repair

No other multi-purpose, rapid cure, bonding and repair adhesive outperforms MIRACLE BOND®. It's the #1 choice of property managers for bonding most materials and perfect for both overhead and vertical repairs, as well as underwater pool tiles.

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