Private Labeling

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Tried & True ATC Formulas

Decades of experience providing high-quality adhesives for the concrete construction industry means you can be confident in putting your name on any ATC product. Numerous certifications validate ATC’s dedication to excellence. Choose from epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, polyesters, and methacrylates. Let us help you pick the right ATC formula for your business.

Ease of Entry into the Marketplace

By having ATC private label epoxy products & more for your company, you ease your entry into the fast-paced, complicated and often confusing world of adhesive sales. No capital investment required. No painful learning curve to endure. Start selling and making profits now!

Fast. Efficient. Cost-Effective.

Our optimized manufacturing processes translate into very competitive prices and higher margins for you!

ATC’s Superior Technical Support and Training

When you select Adhesives Technology Corp. as your private label partner, you get a lot more than just a first-class adhesive. You get the experience, support and training from our skilled industry professionals. Become an expert in the eyes of your customers with the behind-the-scenes assistance of one of the most experienced teams in the industry!

Quality Assured

We stand behind everything we manufacture at ATC. If ever a problem arises, we’ll immediately help you address it and find the solution. We won’t be satisfied until both you and your customer are. No procrastination. Guaranteed!

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