Super Low Viscosity For Deep Penetration Hairline Cracks2018-12-20T02:03:23+00:00

Super Low Viscosity Formula For
Deep Penetration Into Hairline Cracks


Features & Advantages

  • Moisture insensitive, low surface tension for repairing hairline cracks
  • No shrinkage during cure
  • ASTM C881 Type I, II & IV Grade 1, Class C
  • Can be used as a binder resin for epoxy mortars

Material Properties

  • Low VOC, 2:1 mix ratio epoxy
  • Moisture insensitive allowing installation and curing in damp environments
  • ASTM C881 Types I, II & V Grade 1 Class C
  • 24 month shelf life
Part #’s Description
A16-SLV302 15.9 oz. cartridge (470 ml)
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Part #’s Description
TM16HD 16 oz. manual dispensing tool
TA16HD-A 16 oz. pneumatic dispensing tool
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Available Packaging

15.9 oz. cartridge (470 ml)

Dispensing Tools

16 oz. manual
dispensing tool

16 oz. pneumatic
dispensing tool