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New Formulations

Have an idea for a completely new adhesive? We know adhesives! Utilizing our experience and expertise we can assist you in bringing a much needed product to
market. There are niches out there to be filled. Let’s collaborate!

Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Polyureas, Polyesters, Methacrylates & Hybrids!

Our core competencies. Let Adhesives Technology Corp. be an extension of your own manufacturing. Expand needed capacity on an existing product, outsource a product you’d rather not make in-house, or let’s collaborate on something new.

Manufacture to Specifications

It starts with research. Then we procure the raw materials needed to manufacture your formula to your specifications. After proper testing… and more testing… we ensure that your product is compliant. We fill and package and can even handle your shipping logistics. We’re equipped to handle the complete process of bringing the product you envision into the marketplace.

Quality Control

Not only should your product be right, it should be right every time. ATC’s strict department-by-department quality control protocols ensure ongoing consistency.

Expertise that Works for You

ATC is in the unique position of understanding adhesive formulation as well as adhesive commercialization. The best adhesive in the world is useless if it misses the mark in terms of being commercially viable. Put our knowledge of formulation and manufacturing to work for you. We’ll help make sure your formula is affordable and relevant now and in the future.

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