Introducing the new “ATC Best Adhesive app”, the official app of Adhesives Technology, Corp., which allows you to access the important information you need for all ATC products used for anchoring, doweling and repair applications. A complete product library shows you the features and advantages of each product. An easy-to-use guide can even help you find the exact product you need for your job. A handy volume calculator helps you determine the amount of product you need to order, and How-To videos can assist you in completing your project successfully.

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• Find the perfect product to successfully complete your job
• Calculate volume so that you will know exactly how much product you need
• Create a project profile
• Upload a photo to your project file
• Get the facts and features on all ATC
• Link to instructional
• Link to DOT regulations
• Find a distributor
• Learn about private labeling opportunities
• Link to the ATC website
• Automatically receive update alerts for this app